Gym Rat Pilates


In 2004 Kimberley achieved 90% upon completion of Initiation 101: TheMethod Pilates from Physicalmind Institute through BodyHarmonics under Master Teacher Trainer Margot McKinnon.

In 2010 Kimberley  achieved 100% upon completion of Initiation 201: Advanced Standing Pilates Mat from PhysicalMind Institute under Pilates Teacher Trainer and Instructor Examiner Susan Greskevitch.

She also teaches one on one Pilates Mat sessions.  This means She will come to your office or home to design and instruct a regime tailored just for you.

$60/hr (depending on travel)

Or if you would like to start an exclusive class please contact Gym Rat for details. 

Currently Kimberley teaches Pilates Mat classes for companies and condos. 

Contact: 647-778-6983

Photography by Will O’Hare

Her teaching style is rejuvenating and gentle, with a focus on proper technique and controlled movement.